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These are some of my trusted resources for guitar building, repair, and music in general.  

Montana Resources

Montana is rich with music and people who support it.  Here's some resources that I work with and trust, mainly in the Bozeman area.

Eric Cecil
Guitar Lessons

Eric is a top-notch musician and can cover the bases from classical, to acoustic, to rock.  He's very easy to work with and a superb instructor.

Music Villa

The most complete guitar and music store in Montana.

Daniel Roberts Stringworks

If I can't help you out, then Dan is my logical recommendation.  A top-notch craftsman with a lifetime of experience.

Building and Repair

Some of my "go to" suppliers for guitar building and repair.


It's hard to avoid StewMac if you are a luthier.  Perhaps not the least expensive, but they stand by all of their products.  Wear out or break a tool?  They will replace it.

More coming

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