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IAn instrument for every player  


What's not to like about a parlor guitar?  Almost nothing.  Easy to look at, easy to hold, can sing over the top without losing your voice.  

The Midge is a classic parlor-style guitar based on the O-28VS body size.  12 frets to the neck and a slightly shorter scale length at 24.9, make this a sensitive guitar to play, while the 4″ body depth give it plenty of volume.  Solid or slotted peghead.

Gallery Photos           Base Cost: $2,000

 Midge (Parlor) 

Buying a custom guitar can be a daunting task.  I try and take the fear and risk out of purchasing one of my instruments.  First, I will not let an instrument leave the shop that I am not completely satisfied with and I will continue to support my work once it leaves the shop.  Before getting started, we will work together to identify the style, woods, and details for the instrument.  I will help guide you in the decision-making process, while doing my best to create your vision.  I reserve the right to say no to anything that I feel will not result in a quality instrument that I'm proud to put my name on.  I require a 50% deposit on the base cost up front.  This gets you on the list and allows me to purchase any required tonewood and supplies.  I will then build the instrument, while keeping you in the loop during the build.  I encourage local buyers to join me in the shop to help on tasks and get to know your instrument inside and out.  Once complete, you have the right to first refusal.  If you don't like it, I keep $250 of the deposit and will sell the instrument as I see fit.  So very little risk to you.

  Caddis (OM)  

The Caddis is based on a standard OM body style with a 25.4" scale. For me, this is the ultimate "do everything" instrument.  Versatile, easy to play, comfortable.

I build the Caddis with a little thinner than normal on the top and bracing, which seems to bring this guitar to life.  Great tone and playability.

Gallery Photos           Base Cost: $2,200


Based on a standard 00 body style, but with slightly softened contours.  24.75" scale makes this easy to play, comfortable, but still has plenty of volume.

This is quickly becoming my second best selling instrument.

Gallery Photos           Base Cost: $2,100

  Mayfly (GS) 

The Mayfly is the largest guitar that I currently build and the latest to my suite of available shapes.  Tons of volume, but still great clarity between notes.  I've been playing this with a pick and finger picking, acoustic or plugged in, and it is quickly becoming my go to instrument.  

Gallery Photos           Base Cost: $2,300

   Octave Mandolin   

The octave mandolin was born out of a desire to add some new sounds to the acoustic trio that I play with.  Each session brings new realizations, opening an entirely new pallet of sounds and textures.

Gallery Photos           Call for pricing.

 Custom Project  

Do you have an idea for a project?  I'd love to see what we can come up with.  Multi-scale?  Archtop?  Electric?  Uke?

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