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If you have never had a full setup done on your instrument, then you probably working a lot harder than you need to when playing.  A setup is probably the single investment that everyone should make.  It will make even an inexpensive instrument play better, which means more fun making music!

And sometimes bad things happen.  I can help with anything from a broken headstock, a refret, new nut or saddle, installing a pickup, cracked side or top. Price varies based on the complexity of the job.  Basic prices are listed below.

Basics Price List:

  • Acoustic Setup (includes: restring (bring your own strings), adjust neck relief, set string height (nut and saddle), check intonation, minor fret leveling, tighten screws and tuners, clean/polish/oil) - $75

    • Add New Bone Nut - $50​

    • Add New Bone Saddle - $40

    • Add Full Fret Dress - $70

  • Electric Setup (includes Acoustic Setup, plus set intonation, set individual string heights, clean electronics) - $90

  • Basic Pickup Install - $50, plus price of pickup (or bring your own).  More complex installation will be quoted.

  • Replace Bridge Pins - $25 + price of pins.

    • Keyhole and ramp pin holes for un-slotted bridge pins - $50.  A great upgrade that will help the guitar tone and protect the bridge plate from damage caused by restringing with slotted bridge pins. ​

  • Crack repair - approximately $20-30 per inch

  • Replace tuners with restring - $50, plus cost of tuners (or bring your own)

Other Repairs:

  • Dings, dents, broken headstock, replace bridge, reset neck, refret, etc. billed at shop rate of $60/hr.

  • $60 minimum.  Set up an appointment for an estimate.

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