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IAn instrument for every need  

What's not to like about a parlor guitar?  Almost nothing.  Easy to look at, easy to hold, can sing over the top without losing your voice.  

A classic parlor-style guitar based on the OOO-28VS body size.  12 frets to the neck and a slightly shorter scale length at 24.9, make this a sensitive guitar to play, while the 4″ body depth give it plenty of volume.

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For me, the OM body size is the ultimate "do everything" instrument.  Versatile, easy to play, comfortable – this is my go to guitar for daily playing. 

I build this with a little thinner than normal on the top and bracing, which seems to bring this guitar alive.  Great tone and playability.

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  Grand symphony  

This is the largest guitar that I currently build and the latest to my suite of available shapes.  Tons of volume, but still great clarity between notes.  I've been playing this with a pick and finger picking, acoustic or plugged in, and it is quickly becoming my go to instrument.  

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   Octave Mandolin   

The octave mandolin was born out of a desire to add some new sounds to the acoustic trio that I play with.  Each session brings new realizations, opening an entirely new pallet of sounds and textures.

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 Custom Project  

Do you have an idea for a project?  I'd love to see what we can come up with.  Multi-scale?  Archtop?  Electric?  Uke?

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