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Gretsch 6124 Cracked Neck Block Repair #4

All wrapped up on this repair. The finish buffed out nicely and blended in with the older finish. I replaced the volume pot to take care of an intermittent short. Repairing the broken neck block and resetting the neck took care of another issue that I discovered. Someone had moved the tailpiece over to compensate for the broken neck block. You can just see the extra set of holes in the photo below.

I did a little bit of fret leveling to help with the setup, but I imagine this will be back in for a refret sometime soon. The fingerboard could really use a leveling before refret. But overall it plays well. The "Mud" switch, as it is often called, is where you would traditionally see a pickup switch. But in this case it changes the tone by switching between two different caps attached to the switch, or a clean tone in the center position. A unique piece of these guitars. This should be a great player going forward.


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