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Gibson LG-1: Bridge Reset and Crack Repairs

This nice Gibson LG-1 came through recently. The bridge was about 75% detached from the top, two of the back braces were loose, and there were a couple of cracks in the top and back that needed stabilized. On inspection the problems were likely due to the guitar being severely dehydrated and probably lived in a hot space for a while.

The bridge came off easily and only needed a quick cleanup before regluing with hot hide glue. I was interested to see that the top and originally been drilled for some strange string configuration as witnessed by multiple lugged holes in the top. The bridge plate was likely replaced, as there was no evidence of the holes going all the way through the bridge plate.

Removed guitar bridge showing minimal glue
Bridge patch ready to have the bridge reglued.
Clamps holding the bridge in place.

There was a small crack on the top that received a small cleat. The back crack extended for about 8 inches, so after rehydrating and securing the loose back braces, I added two sections of back strips between the braces rather than a series of small cleats.

wood strips securing the crack in the back

Ready to go out the door.

Completed repair of Gibson LG-1


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