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Standing Ovation!

OK. It's a corny title, but appropriate. This Ovation has been sitting in a storage unit for years after suffering some damage. Other luthiers took one look at it and said, "No Way!" After looking it over myself, I said, "Why not?" If this instrument didn't have an access cover in the back, then it would have been extremely difficult to stabilize the cracks and reglue the loose X-braces (there appeared to be almost zero glue on the loose braces!). But some clever clamping though the little sound holes made the work pretty strait forward. The top crack was wide enough that no amount of hydration was going to close it up. So I shaved off the edge of a spruce soundboard to create a filler sliver and filled the gap. Several other top cracks were quickly stabilized with CA glue and internal cleats. GluBoost Fill and Finish was used to level out the cracks before buffing. Full setup afterwards and it's ready to go.


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