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Hummingbird Copy Back Repair

This was a fun little repair on a Hummingbird knockoff. The back was blown off during a recent move. A pretty clean break along the purfling line, but three of the back braces also came loose. Once I cleaned up the hanging bits and pieces, it all came together pretty cleanly.

A set of custom clamping cauls were in order to allow for even clamping pressure.

I did replace a small section of black/white/black purfling that was lost. Then the seam was cleaned up and blended with the back using GluBoost CA glue. This was a lower end guitar to start with and had a number of other issues, so the main goal was to get it playable again.

While it was on the bench I also took care of some loose tuners, a poorly radiused saddle, some high nut slots, and a loose pick guard. Overall a nice sounding player.


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