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Guitar Setups This Week

I had a couple of setups to do this week. Nothing dramatic. A Gibson J-15 that never had a decent initial setup. It played well for a bluegrass player, but the owner has only been playing for a couple of years and focuses mostly on finger picking. Bar chords and overall playability were leaving him far from loving this guitar. I just did a basic setup, adjusting the neck relief, setting the nut slot depth, and lowering the saddle. I left a little room to go lower the string height, but overall it was a great improvement and the owner is happy. I also polished up the frets which still had factory leveling scratches, oiled the fretboard and bridge, and polished up the finish.

Next up was a personal guitar, actually my very first acoustic build! The action was getting a little high after a number of years without any adjustments. The neck relief and nut were still fine, but the saddle needed to be trimmed down a little bit to get it back to where I like it. I am at the limit of what I can do with the saddle, so I need to go any lower, I'll be looking at a neck reset.

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