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Gretsch 6124 Cracked Neck Block Repair #2

A custom set of clamping cauls allows for good placement of clamps.

But I did decide to use a couple of screws to act as clamps. I removed both screws after the Fish Glue dried. As the dovetail lacks a lot of support on a cutaway, I replaced the screws with hardwood dowels to add another level of reinforcement. Fish glue has one of the highest release temperatures, so I find it works well for this sort of repair. I'll reattach attach the neck with hide glue, so if it ever needs to be reset, theoretically the hide glue should release the dovetail before the repair comes apart.

I added the final piece which had a small section of the laminated top and laminated sides. Next up, patching the broken binding and resetting the neck.


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