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Gretsch 6124 Cracked Neck Block Repair #3

The neck was reset with hide glue. Normally I would not have put the screw back in that Gretsch uses to help secure the neck joint. A good dovetail joint should be fine, with a screw only adding to the challenge of a repair. But given that the neck block/dovetail was already broken (and now repaired), the screw does add a little bit of security. I plugged the access hole for the screw with a maple plug and shaped it ot the contours of the heel.

The binding cracks seen below were filled with binding melted with acetone, and then I 'dirtied' up the area with a few coats of shellac to make the repaired areas look aged. I masked off the binding areas and sprayed a few coats of black nitro lacquer using an air brush. This was followed by several build coats of lacquer over both the heel and repaired binding to blend the repair into the existing finish.

The damaged areas on the top were sealed with shellac and drop filled with lacquer. I only added color to the black area under the volume pot. The other areas were either under the pickup or bridge (the bridge was kept in place by double sided tape), so spending the time color matching a burst seemed pointless.


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